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A new generation of platinum-based chemotherapies designed to increase tolerable dosages for patients.

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Platinum-based chemotherapies are proven effective in the treatment of many cancers but induce dose-limiting adverse events. 


Oncovolution is developing a new generation of platinum-based chemotherapeutic agents to increase the specificity of this proven cancer treatment and decrease dose-limiting side effects. We believe our solutions will soon become the standard for solid tumor treatment.


We built a library of novel platinum constructs aimed at targeting specific cancers. These multimeric peptide constructs retain the cell-killing effectiveness of classical platinum drugs while increasing their specificity by homing the platinum moiety directly to the cancer targets. We have done extensive testing in cell-based assays to establish biological potency and cancer specificity.

We value collaboration and are interested in partnering to advance our molecules to the clinic.




Oncovolution incorporated in the state of Massachusetts

ONCO-003 + ONCO-007 | Preclinical stage for small cell lung carcinoma, and bladder, ovarian, and testicular cancers

ONCO-009 | Preclinical stage



Oncovolution filed a patent application covering its core technology

Oncovolution founded by Dr. DiPaola

The company operates in the Mansfield BioIncubator, where it runs both chemical synthesis and analytical/bioassay labs.

Mario DiPaola Headshot



Dr. Mario DiPaola is an experienced executive  with a 25-year record in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. He is also the founder of Therabene, a company developing PROTAC molecules to address cancers, viruses, and autoimmune diseases.

DiPaola founded and led Blue Stream Laboratories, which developed complex biologics and biosimilars. When the company was acquired by Charles River Laboratories in 2016, DiPaola stayed on, provided scientific guidance to the Biologics Division, and established a large molecule formulation laboratory.

DiPaola has extensive experience in basic research, development, quality, manufacturing, and regulatory functions for protein and small molecule development. He has served in various positions with companies such as Antigenics, Biogen, CuriRx, Tektagen, and Interferon Sciences. He has participated in the development and regulatory filings for several approved therapeutics.

DiPaola has authored or co-authored more than sixty publications, was an associate research professor at Columbia University, and is credited as a co-inventor in four patents. He received his PhD in chemistry and biochemistry from New York University, an MBA in finance from Baruch College, CUNY, and is a member of the Beta Delta Chi Honor Society. He has held prestigious fellowships at Columbia University and New York University.

Archery Targets



Oncovolution is actively seeking partnerships to advance the development of our platinum-based assets for the treatment of cancers. We partner with academic and clinical research institutions, as well as pharmaceutical, biopharma, and biotech companies on specific assets and cancer stages. 

Partnership Opportunities
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We value collaboration and seek research and corporate partners to advance our molecules to the clinic.

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